Tips For Going To A Chicago Bulls Game

Chicago takes its sports seriously, especially if it’s in the “B” trifecta – the Bulls, the Bears, the Blackhawks.  If you’re looking to catch a Chicago Bulls game (six-time NBA champions!), these tips will help you with some practical pointers. 1. WHICH WAY IS RIGHT? You can get to the stadium easily enough either by […]


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5 Breweries to Love in Chicago

Chicago and Beer naturally go together like fish and chips, like karaoke and bars, like responsibility and the legal drinking age. Of course finding a bar (karaoke or otherwise) isn’t hard in Chicago. BUT if you’d enjoy experiencing Chicago’s beer scene through some of its unique and local microbreweries then pull up a chair and […]


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Acn You Raed Htis? – Open Books Fights Illiteracy

Last week our staff took the day off.  Well…sort of.  Instead of business as usual, we headed over to Open Books, just blocks from our hotel in downtown Chicago.  We picked a day to volunteer with our nonprofit partner at one of their regular Creative Writing Workshops. On a Mission Open Books provides these workshops […]


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5 Wonderful Winter Attractions in Chicago

Whether you marvel at the beauty of nature in winter, enjoy basking in the holiday spirit, or you simply whisk from store to store with bags full of goodies, there are plenty of ways to celebrate winter and the holidays in downtown Chicago! We’ve compiled some of the best and most spectacular here: 1. Skating […]


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