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Wheres Wallace This month, I didn’t have to go far to find some great food. I went just across the street to Portillo’s Hot Dogs. This Chicago chain has been serving great Chicago Style hot dogs and italian beefs since 1963. Today I tried their delicious Chicago hot dog, which as some of you know, is topped with mustard, relish, onions, tomatoes, sport peppers and a pickle spear. But no ketchup! If that doesn’t get your appetite fired up, they also have really great burgers, sandwiches, pizza, pastas and my personal favorite; baby back ribs. Wash it all down with their famous chocolate cake shake. Its as tasty as it sounds.
But the best part of Portillo’s Hot Dogs is its excellent value. It’s one of the few places in Chicago that offer a fun and unique dining experience without breaking the bank. You can take the whole family there and not have to worry about blowing your budget. Everything on the menu is under $7.00! A true Chicago rarity. So if you’re looking for a quick bite to eat or somewhere that will please your family’s palate, stop in to Portillo’s Hot Dogs!

Enjoying a Chicago style hot dog

Enjoying a Chicago style hot dog

Where's Wallace Best Western Chicago

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Hi Wallace, I just wanted to say thanks for everything, you helped my mom and I out allot when we were in Chicago this past week. We greatly appreciated it. Your the best! The food at Yolk and Eggsperience was awesome. By the way I still say that they should give you a raise cus you’re one of the hardest working black men I ever met in my life…..lol! Anyway I enjoyed my stay at the Best Western. It was one of the cleanest hotels ever and friendliest too! Unfortuantely I still have not been able to find my camera yet. Im so mad at myself. I left it in a Flash Cab SUV but I still have not heard anything back yet. This was the one that was used to take the picture with me, you, and my mom. Well anyway, I plan on visiting Chicago again very soon so Ill definitely be dropping in on you. YOU ROCK!!!

Thanks for everything and GOD BLESS!

Thank you so much for the great compliments! We really appreciate it! Glad to hear you enjoyed your time in Chicago!

If you ever find your camera, we’d love to see the pictures from your trip!

You where hiding last time Fritz & I stayed at the B.W.! It was a week before Christmas. We are in a deep freeze just like you are in Chicago! Happy new year to you and we will see you when it thaws!

Fritz & Christel

Hi Wallace,
Wanted to send you a quick message and thank you for the help and hospitality. My wife Rosalinda and I sure enjoyed our stay in Chicago and all that you did for us was a major reason why! We look forward to a return visit, catching up with you and checking out more great sites and restaurants. By the way, what did you think of the breakfast sandwich from LYFE restaurant? We found the food there (and at XOCO too) absolutely outstanding.
Tom and Rosalinda

Thank you more, thank you more. So happy to have you, and we’ll see you again. Love the food at LYFE! And Xoco, too! Bayless makes some good sandwiches, definitely. 🙂


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