Where’s Wallace – Behind the Walls of Wrigley

Home of the Cubs

Baseball season in Chicago…ahhhh.  Chicago may have two teams, but if you ask me, there’s only one ballpark!  Built in 1914, Wrigley Field is the second oldest ballpark in the majors and besides being home to the Chicago Cubs, it has also played host to the Chicago Bears, Chicago Blackhawks and hosted 5 World Series games (but we won’t mention how they ended).  It’s even been cursed by a goat!  With such a colorful past, I knew I had to get inside for a special tour of Wrigley Field and learn more about this legendary ballpark!

Opening Day at Wrigley Field

  I visited Wrigley Field just a few days before Opening Day, and crews were busy getting the stadium ready!  But it didn’t stop me from getting down onto the field and standing where many legends before have stood.  Babe Ruth’s “called shot” in the 1932 World Series, Ernie Banks’ 500th career home run, Kerry Wood’s 20 strike-outs, and Sammy Sosa’s 60th home runs all happened here!

 Cubs Win! Cubs Win!

Then we headed to the outfield to take in the view from the bleachers.  Looking up, the iconic scoreboard (the 1937 original) looms high above the outfield.  No wonder a batter has never been able to hit the board.  Looking down, it’s the distinctive ivy covered walls of Wrigley.  And after each game, fans glance up hoping to see the white flag flying a blue “W” indicating a Cubs win.

 Field of Dreams
And from the bleacher seats to the Press Box.  Offering a birds eye view of all the action at Wrigley, it’s where game day reporters gather, announcers call the game, and where legendary Harry Caray would lead the 7th inning stretch tradition of “Take me out to the ball game”.  And if you come to Chicago and take a behind the scenes tour of Wrigley Field, it’s where you can do just like Harry did, and help cheer on the Cubs to victory!

Wrigley Field is easily reachable from our downtown Chicago hotel.  The CTA Red Line train is located 3 blocks from our hotel and will drop you off just outside of Wrigley Field for only $2.25 per person!


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