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Perhaps the name Joshua Radin doesn’t ring any bells, but if you’rea fan of T.V. shows like “Scrubs”, “Grey’s Anatomy”, “One Tree Hill” or the movies “TheLast Kiss” and “The NannyDiaries” chances are you’ve heard at least one Joshua Radin song.The Ohio native (andone time Chicago resident) is known for soft songs and an honest voice.With stripped down acoustic compositions, such as “Winter” and “Closer” his melodic voice was able toreach deep and easily forge a connection with listeners all around the world.Joshua’s newestalbum,”TheRock and the Tide“offerslisteners a newer side of Radin, with a more upbeat rock feel, while holding true to his folk roots.

This past Monday, Oct 25th, Joshua Radin performed at the Hard Rock Cafe Chicago as part of it’s annual Pinktober campaign benefiting Breast Cancer awareness and support.While in town, Wallace had an opportunity to sit down and talk with Joshua Radin about life on the road and his new album “The Rock and the Tide“.

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Wallace: I know you just got back from touring the UK, so welcome back to the States and the Midwest.Hopefully you got a little rest at home before starting up the tour again.

Joshua: Yeah, It’s great to be back.I grew up in the Midwest, actually.

Wallace: Ohio, right?

Joshua: Yeah and I lived here in Chicago for 6 years.

Wallace: Since you are a Chicago guy, being back in the city, do you have any recommendations or must do’s that you have when you come to Chicago?

Joshua: Well, I went down by the lake.Bike rides along the lake are always nice when the weather is good; the two months out of the year in Chicago when the sun shines.And I love Rosas Blues Bar.I used to go see Melvin Taylor and Sugar Blue play there all the time. You gotta go see the blues live when you’re here in Chicago.

Wallace: Being on the road as much as you are and traveling all the time, what are the ‘must have’ travel items that you always take with you?

Joshua: Power converter for electronics to be able to fit any country.And my pillow from home.When you lay your head down on your own pillow, its like you’re home a little bit.And if I forget mine, I steal one from Best Western.

Wallace: On the same token, traveling from place to place you have alot of time between each stop, so what are some tips for when you get homesick or bored on the road?

Joshua: Skype.I pretty much see all my friends on Skype.It’s the only way I can stay sane.I feel like I’m still seeing their faces and hanging out with them a little bit.Even though its not the same, it does help out a lot. And unlimited texting.

Wallace: So getting into your music now, I’ve seen some people describe your music as “whisper rock” or “confessional folk pop” but how would you describe your music?

Joshua: Well, I invented the term whisper rock.When people would ask what kind of music do you play, I’d say whisper rock and they’d be like what the hell is that?But this new record that just came out, called “The Rock and the Tide“, its my third record, and its got a little more rock and a little less whisper.

Wallace: That’s one of the things I wanted to mention. I noticed a little bit of a change, adding some electric guitar and drums in there.

Joshua: Yeah, well, it’s the third record.If you don’t evolve artistically, it gets really boring if you do the same thing over and over.So I tried to do something a little different on this one and we’ll see if people like it.Hopefully they will.Its fun to play live, that’s for sure.

Wallace: We were watching some of your videos earlier and saw that you have a varied style.Some songs were a little softer and some of the new songs were a little ‘rock-ier’.

Joshua: Well some of my favorite artists have mellow tunes, and they’ve got the rock songs.Petty, Dylan, Springsteen, they vary it up.Those are the kind of guys you want to be when you write songs.Neil Young, he can break your heart with stuff off ‘Harvest’ and then just rock you, and everywhere in between.I guess I aspire to those sort of abilities.To make people feel and to make them dance at the same time, at the same show.

Wallace: I just saw a few days ago a picture on twitter of Zach Braff listening to your album on vinyl.

Joshua: It’s my first record on vinyl.I’ve got a record player, so I said I definitely gotta get this on vinyl this time.

Wallace: So what would you say it is exactly that draws so many people from Hollywood to your music and to have it used in so many shows like ‘Scrubs’, ‘Greys Anatomy’, etc. What is it about your music that draws people in?

Joshua: That’s a tough question, man.I don’t know.I just write what I go through.It’s all true. Whoever relates to it, relates to it.If they don’t, they don’t.If you start thinking about why people are, then you lose it.You gotta do it to do it.As soon as I start thinking about if someone is gonna like this, then I’m lost.

Wallace: Well thank you so much for your time.

Joshua: Thank you.

Joshua Radin performing his song “Nowhere To Go” from his new album “The Rock and the Tide” at Hard Rock Cafe Chicago.For more videos from the concert check out our YouTube Channel

Check out Joshua Radin’s Website for the latest news or to buy his new cd “The Rock and the Tide“.And don’t forget, Joshua Radin will be coming back to Chicago November 24th, 2010!


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