“Where’s Wallace?” March 2010

March Edition of Where's Wallace

Hello from high above Chicago! This month I went to visit two of the highest points you can reach in downtown Chicago; The Skydeck at the Willis Tower and The Signature Room at the 95th.

The left side of the photo captures me out on “The Ledge”. Yes, thats right, you can stand in a glass box that hangs off the side of the Willis Tower….or Sears Tower and I did it! You can see the day I visited it was a little cloudy, but the views were still incredible.

Next I hustled over to the John Hancock building and worked my way up to the 95th floor. Along with an observatory, The Signature Room is open for lunch and dinner and offers unbeatable views while you are dining. There is also a lounge if dining is not in your plans.

These two places offer a truely unique experience and are must see’s when visiting Chicago.

14 Responses to “ “Where’s Wallace?” March 2010 ”

Ok Wallace, when you say worked my way up” to the 95th. floor, did you walk??

No, I didn’t walk up to the 95th floor but I did walk over to the Hancock Building from the hotel.

I AM SO EXCITED TO SEE WALLACE’S BLOG!!! In complete honesty, my fiance and I had been staying at the River North every 4th of July for several years, and every year we were always so excited to see Wallace, as he was super friendly and always went above and beyond to make our stay extra special. We always made sure to leave a comment card about his excellent service, and were always happy to see him the following year. As the economy worsened we have not been able to go for the past couple years. To my excitement and surprise I opened my email from BW today to see “Where’s Wallace” and said “THAT’S OUR WALLACE!!” and called my fiance immediately to let him know about the email and blog. We couldn’t be happier to see him doing well and exploring his talents further than the valet room. Thanks Wallace for always providing us a great trip and a reason to always come back to the River North when in Chicago. We are glad to see you doing well and making the most of your talents in providing people smiles and good times.

But how about the Chicago Flower Show?
tsk, tsk, tsk.

Wallace is great! His up beat attitude and desire to help make your stay at the hotel fun and interesting is appreciated. I look forward to following his bog. Thanks, Wallace for making our stay more fun. Linda

Hellooo Wallace!! We will be coming to visit you next week! Can’t wait to see you again as you always make our stay so pleasant. Jane & Jerry

Wallace I have watch you move from the parking to what you are during now and you deserve all that get from what you do. My God Bless you and Keep you

Well, gosh, I just have to let you all know that he’s not YOUR Wallace–He’s ours! Seriously, River North has a rare treasure in Wallace–makes our stay so great, and we really look forward to seeing him year after year. We’ll be seeing you SOON Wallace: Way to go! Jane & Jerry

Have been visiting Rivers North since Wallace was a parking attendent. Wallace has been a great resource and a great team player.

Rivers North, give Wallace a raise!

We enjoyed talking to you in the lobby about all the food places to eat. Looking forward to coming back.

We hope to be in Chicago on Monday and are really looking forward to a visit with you.Met you about 4 yrs ago and you are a “memory” to us.You are our friend in Chicago. Take care and see you soon.

thanks for the comment. i’ll be sure to pass it on to wallace and tell him to keep an eye out for you.

I have been coming to Chicago for “founders week” at Moody Bible Institute for about 15 years & have stayed at Best Western “River North” every time & I just want to say that I always enjoy my stay with you and also that I throughly enjoy my time conversing with my brother in Christ Wallace! He is a very outgoing individual & makes everyone feel welcome. He is an asset to your hotel & I thank you for allowing him to make all those of us who stay at the Best Western feel so welcome. Lord willing, I will see you all next February. May God bless you all & your business.

Thanks a lot, John! I appreciate that, and I know Wallace does too! I’ll definitely pass the comments on to him.
We appreciate having you and the other participants in Founders Week every year! Our staff is always striving to make our guest’s stays enjoyable and to provide a great experience for all of you. Thanks for letting us know how we’re doing! We hope to see you next year too!
– Sam


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