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Coffe Roasting with Wallace

We want you to have a good nights sleep so you can start your day feeling refreshed and ready to go.But if you’re like us, sometimes you need an Chicago Hotels, Best Western Chicagoextra boost to get going.That’s why each morning we offer complimentary granola bars, tea and coffee in our lobby.But did you know that the coffee we serve was named “Best Coffee in Chicago” by Time Out Chicago Magazine?Did you also know that it is certified fair trade & organicfrom Mexico and Ethiopia…but roasted HERE in Chicago?

This month I went to the Bridgeport Coffee Company’s roasting facility to Chicago Hotels, Best Western Chicagosee what it takes to get coffee beans from Chiapas, Mexico to the lobby of our hotel.Mike Pilkington, ownerandroast masterof Bridgeport Coffee Company explained that when the coffee beans arrive to him from around the world, it’s his job to bring out the subtle flavors and complexnuances by roasting them a certain way.What I didn’t realize is that coffee starts out as a cherry, gets washed down to a green or tan colored bean and then gets its dark brown color from the actual roasting process.

But the real surprise came when Mike asked me to help him roast a batch of the coffee!Standing next to a machine that shoots a heat intensive flame to roast the beans to almost 500 degrees for about 8 minutes can be a little daunting.Rather than tell you, I should show you…

Every Last Drop of Coffee Coffee Bean Inspector Freshly Roasted The Finished Product

Mmmmm, Freshly Roasted Coffee!After a final quality inspection, and a few days for the beans to de-gas, Mike packages the beans and distributes them throughout the city of Chicago!So the next time you happen to grab a cup of coffee from our hotel lobby, it just might be possible that you’re drinking a batch of Wallace’s Brew!


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