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Chicago Hotels, Best Western ChicagoYou’ve made it to the hotel and now it’s time to relax.  You can sink into bed, order room service and watch another movie.  Or you can relieve your travel stresses by rejuvenating your body and mind with some hotel room yoga!  Darin Zeer, America’s relaxation expert, has put together more than 50 tips and techniques in his book “Travel Yoga” to help harried travelers restore their balance.  The best part is that anyone can do these simple stretches without having to stuff your luggage with any clumsy equipment.  After a day of sight seeing in downtown Chicago, we think these are some great ways to restore your harmony in your home away from home!

 Chicago Hotels, Best Western Chicago

1.  Start your morning right with a Wake Up and Shake Up: Get your heart rate pumping by swinging your arms above your head and jump your legs apart.  Inhale as you jump your legs apart, and exhale as you jump them back together. 


2.  Or try the Sunrise Soother: Lying comfortably in bed, bring both knees to Hotel Yoga, Chicago Hotelsyour chest and wrap your arms around them.  Then drop both knees to one side, arms out to the sides.  Gently bring both legs back up and switch sides.  Sit up with legs straight out.  Stretch your upper body and arms forward toward your toes. Take several deep breaths, stretching a little further each time.

 Travel Yoga, Best Western Chicago

3.After a long flight, or car ride, practice Jet Lag Rejuvenation: Put on your favorite dance music and for one or two songs, stretch your body to the music.  Don’t worry about looking silly, just focus on unwinding the stress and tension of a long day on the road.


4.Travel Yoga, Best Western ChicagoSatisfy your mind AND body with Room Service Royalty: It’s ok to splurge once in a while.  You deserve it!  Have our on-site restaurant, Pizzeria Ora, bring a delicious Chicago style pizza to your room.  Get cozy in bed with your pillows and enjoy the moment!


Hotel Yoga, Chicago Hotels


5.  Our favorite way to end the day is with the Sleeping Beauty Pose: Lay flat in the bed and as you inhale, tighten all the muscles in your body and hold for five seconds.  Then release and let your whole body go limp.  Feel yourself melting into the mattress.  Then gently drift off to sleep…


Tell us, what do you do to unwind when you’re traveling?


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