Dinopalloza at Best Western River North Hotel CHicago

Life, uh…finds a way.  It’s found a way from Costa Rica’s Isla Nubular, where John Hammond first unveiled genetically engineered dinosaurs, all the way to The Field Museum and soon to Best Western River North.  The Field Museum’s current featured exhibit, Jurassic World:  The Exhibition, spotlights a recreation of the Costa Rican island from Jurassic’s Park’s most recent submission to the cannon, Jurassic World.  After entering the torch-lit gate, you are met with a variety of animatronic dinosaurs, video clips, fossils, information on dino DNA, and an atmosphere that will make you wish Chris Pratt’s character was nearby.  You’ll be able to stand face-to-face with a Velociraptor, a Brachiosaurus, and a Tyrannosaurus rex.  A helpful reminder:  the T-rex’s vision is based on movement.  Another helpful reminder:  the previous tip does not work for other dinosaurs.   

However, there seems to be a problem.  A Velociraptor has broken free of the confines of Chicago’s natural history museum and is reportedly headed to Best Western River North on October 28th.  This will be just in time for the hotel’s Dinopalooza event, celebrating The Field Museum’s exhibit.  Clever girl!  The Velociraptor – part of The Field Museum’s exhibit – will be available for selfies on Saturday, October 28th, and each person that poses with the dinosaur world’s most intelligent species will be entered into a contest for prizes!  Opportunities for temporary tattoos and a variety of games with prizes will fill the weekend’s activities, along with dino-themed restaurant specials at the beloved Pizzeria Ora.  A screening of Jurassic World will occur poolside at 4 pm on October 28th, with complimentary snacks provided.  We hope you agree that poolside movies are an excellent idea.

Packages for the weekend are available that include accommodations, breakfast, a themed welcome gift, and VIP tickets to the Jurassic World exhibit.  Visit the website below for more information on the weekend’s events and to take advantage of this unique opportunity.



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