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At its core, hospitality is about helping people.  When you stay at Best Western, the goal is to make you feel cared for and respected.  Best Western is constantly thinking about how the operation of its hotel can achieve that purpose.  But, sometimes you find opportunities to help not just the guests, but individuals we all need to provide with extra support and care.  The objective to help and care for people was the impetus behind the partnership Best Western International made with the Clean the World Foundation, including Chicago’s very own Best Western River North. 

Clean the World is a nonprofit organization that collects and recycles soap from a variety of establishments, including Best Western River North, and reprocesses and delivers it to people around the world who would not have access to such basic sanitation, otherwise.  In our society, necessities for hygiene can be taken for granted.  Soap and other sanitary products are often thrown out, not thinking whether they might still have utility.  By forming a collective of businesses and organizations around the world that donate to the cause, Clean the World can recycle and deliver these vital products to individuals in need around the globe.

Since 2009, Clean the World, and its partners have contributed over 40 million bars of soap to families, schools, and organizations in over 115 countries.  Sanitation-related diseases kill millions of people worldwide every year, and much of this is directly related to lack of access to soap and anti-bacterial products.  Clean the World brings aid to regions of the world most affected by these issues, with a significant portion of donations helping those in need in South Asia and Africa.  For example, their Soap in Schools Program in Kenya has contributed to decreasing hygiene-related illnesses dramatically and has caused an approximately 45% increase in school attendance since its launch in early 2016.   

In addition to their Soap in Schools Program, Clean the World also provides emergency relief and humanitarian aid during disasters and crises.  Local engagement and hygiene-based education programs are implemented in communities most affected by hygiene-related diseases to improve the quality of life for millions worldwide. 

Organizations like Clean the World recognize that small acts of kindness, performed by people every day, really can make a difference.  The work carried out by Clean the World is the epitome of hospitality and Best Western is proud to call them a partner.


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