3 Mouth-Watering Burgers in Chicago

It’s National Burger Month!!! We use three exclamation points because we’re just that excited!

In honor of the month celebrating what is arguably America’s greatest food, we decided to sample 3 restaurants all within two blocks of us in the River North neighborhood. You can literally walk to each in 5 minutes or less.

The 3 restaurants we chose were Portillo’s, Weber Grill, and Hard Rock Cafe Chicago. We ordered a burger from each and then had our own office taste test.

All 3 burgers are delicious, just for the record. You can’t go wrong with any of them! But they do have different characteristics and so we did the hard work of savoring each burger and writing down our thoughts. Here’s the breakdown:

Hard Rock Cafe Chicago

Restaurant: The Hard Rock Cafe offers a truly unique atmosphere for rockers and music lovers of all ages. Their restaurant full of incredible rock memorabilia and featuring live musical performances weekly makes it a great stop on your trip.
Patty: The patty was very succulent and pretty large, packing the most meat out of all 3
Bun: though the “best bun” award was a toss up,┬áthe majority of our tasters thought this bun was it. Very fresh bread with a tougher consistency. Don’t worry, this bun aint gonna flatten into a wafer on your first delicious bite.
Fries: The fries were fairly thick slices with a lot of nice, soft potato in the middle. Great for generous dipping into your favorite condiment.


Restaurant: Portillo’s is known for a lot of things but maybe it’s enough to say that they’re seen as the fast food burger staple in Chicago but without the fast food atmosphere. They still offer a drive through and quick service but you can also find a table in their huge, two-story dining area. Or get yours to go and find your favorite people-watching spot in the city to enjoy your meal.

IMG_4273Patty: The patty is fairly flat but very wide and it beats the pants off a lot of other fast food joints. When you hold it in your hand, it doesn’t feel like a miniature version of what a burger should be like at other fast food places. This burger stands on its own. It may not be the quality of the other two but you’re also paying a lot less.
Bun: Classic soft bun that covers the whole patty more than gets the job done for this burger.
Fries: These are just classic, delicious fries that you will be scraping the bottom of your bag to find more of. Fairly large and the right amount of crisp, Portillo’s nails it.


Weber Grill

Restaurant: Weber Grill is an obvious choice when you’re burger hunting, thanks to their unique reputation for grilling dishes. The restaurant features patio seating for nicer weather as well as a bar and decor that accommodates casual or formal dining as you like – lunch or dinner.
Patty: Weber cooks their burgers on the grill over a charcoal flame and you can definitely taste the difference. They also use a lot of seasoning in this burger in addition to a liberal slice of Wisconsin cheddar cheese. It’s just a great tasting patty.
Bun: The bun was soft and sweet, perhaps with a glaze on top. It paired with the patty seasonings nicely.
Fries: The fries were smaller slices and cooked to a crispy crunch. Also seasoned.

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