How Chicago does Holiday Food Drives

It’s official – we’ve decided to hold a food drive to benefit the poor & the homeless in Chicago. The most obvious way to get this going was to partner with the Greater Chicago Food Depository who really does make it easier than ever to help the hungry.

We chose to hold a Virtual Food Drive (click here to go to it!) so that our staff and guests don’t have to bring in food items themselves, which can seem like a hassle.

With the virtual (online) food drive, anyone can just click on a link, see what items we still need donated, and make a donation securely over the web. (And it IS secure, don’t you worry!)

1 in 6 Chicagoans goes to bed hungry. That’s a number we know we can make a dent in this winter. So until Dec. 15, 2012 we’ll be holding our virtual food drive. Would you consider participating?

You basically just look at our online items list and choose which one you’d like to donate. You purchase the item online, which goes directly to the food depository.

And 100% of what you’re giving goes toward the food too. How great is that?

Items we need are simple: tuna, milk, oatmeal, beans, apples, baby formula, and so on. They’re all basic stuff that may not mean a lot to some of us but can truly make a difference to someone fighting hunger due to poverty.

If you’d prefer to make a cash donation you can do that on the site as well.

Thank you for your support! Please help us reach our goal and make a difference this holiday season. The need is great.

What do you do to help your local community during the holidays? Post a comment! We’d love to hear about it :)


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