Maharaja: The Field Museum’s Most Splendid Exhibit

Maharaja: The Splendour of India's Royal CourtsOpen from fall 2012 through February 3 this exhibit offers something completely unique in Chicago and will fascinate you with its rich pieces and incredible history.

“Maharaja” – meaning ‘great king’ – is a dazzling window into India’s rich past from the 1700s to the 1940s. The exhibit houses weapons, clothing, jewelry, paintings, photographs, actual video (in timeless black & white), religious items, and even a harness for riding atop an elephant.

India during this period was actually split into much smaller, independent territories. But territories need rulers. In step the Maharajas.

The Maharajas of India’s past were more than kings though. They were political, social, cultural leaders all rolled into one. They were expected to be warriors, hunters, religious leaders, and administrators of justice. Try wearing that many hats at once!

The Field Museum makes this period in history truly come alive with the large things, like ornate furniture and weapons, to the small touches, like the décor of the exhibition walls themselves. It all fits into a total immersion experience right inside the museum.

Of special note are all of the jewels. You won’t find this many diamonds anywhere else outside of Cartier! In fact, many of the pieces on display were commissioned by Maharajas from Cartier later in India’s colonial period. But the jewels adorning everything from pens to swords, from robes to shoes, make this experience truly rich.

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