Picasso and Chicago

IMG_3799The Art Institute of Chicago‘s new exhibition, “Picasso and Chicago,” opened February 20 and goes through May 12, 2013. This amazing collection of Picasso works showcases more than 250 of his pieces, many of which you won’t see anywhere else.

The exhibition displays works from every period of Picasso’s career and in many different formats including paintings, sculpture, prints, sketches, and more. By touring the galleries it was easy for me to pick out how he changed as an artist over time and to see the different themes he was using.

But not only is the exhibit about Picasso, it’s also about his relationship with Chicago and Chicago’s relationship with him. Back in 1913 the “Armory Show” came to Chicago and was an introduction for Chicagoans to Picasso’s work. Since then, Chicago has become a place for modern art and Picasso and Chicago does a great job of showing that.

In fact, not only do the Picasso works come from the museum and other cities but they also come from private collections within the city of Chicago. That’s just amazing to me – to see the connection that Chicago had with him and the impact he had on Chicago. We even have a large Picasso sculpture in Daley Plaza that he made specifically for our city. Wow!

IMG_3796Even though Picasso never visited Chicago, we seem to have a special connection with him. I was able to see that just in going through the galleries and with the aid of the audio tour. When visiting the exhibit, the best advice I can give you is splurge the few extra bucks for the audio tour! It lets you go through at your own pace and hear only what you want to know more about. But it’s great! Interviews with both modern and historical people really help to bring the works alive. You’ll start to see the painting or sculpture a whole other way and I feel like I get about four times as much out of it when I have the audio guide to give me some background and context.

Quick Tip: There’s a room off to the side in the exhibition with a movie screen and displays on how Picasso’s creative process works. It doesn’t get a lot of traffic but it’s really exceptional and you’re missing out if you don’t try to understand what the sometimes odd looking works really represent.

I had a great time going to this exhibition and The Art Institute of Chicago is becoming one of my best recommendations. Did you know it’s the No. 1 visitor ranked attraction in Chicago? Number 1! Each time I visit, I can tell why.

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