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Here we are at Adler!

When you’re visiting Chicago, you want to have plenty of time to explore the city.  But why stop there?  Why not explore our planet, solar system and galaxy!  No, Chicago doesn’t offer charter trips to the moon (yet).  Instead, Chicago showcases a premiere attraction that allows individuals anThe Weight of the Worldsd families to survey space and our solar system.  What was once a “giant leap for mankind” is now only a short ride from our hotel in downtown Chicago.  This month I visited Adler Planetarium and Astronomy Museum and explored its many exhibitions on stars, space technology, the planets and more!

One amazing exhibit is the Deep Space Adventure in the Grainger Sky Theater.  The show is a great way to fly through space from a comfortable seat!  But, of course, visitors can also view planets and galaxies through telescopes.  Another attraction lets visitors get up close and personal with an actual spacecraft – the Gemini 12.  If you’re looking to do your own explorations, Adler offers you the chance to drive your own rover, locate stars, and simulate low-level gravity just like if you were on the Moon!Adler in the Moonlight

While waiting in one line, I noticed I was standing next to a wall with images of astronauts and ships moving on it.  An astronaut floated near me and then suddenly bounced away.  I realized that the entire wall was interactive and I could bounce the figures on it around using my shadow!  This is just one example of the stunning ways Adler uses their brilliant technology.

For families with young children, Adler is a great destination.  Their “Planet Explorers” exhibit is specifically geared to children ages 3-8, with plenty of stunning sights and activities to keep everyone engaged.  You’ll stargaze, simulate a rocket launch, shoot meteors into planets, and physically explore the mysterious Planet X.  With the planetarium’s large array of activities, you’re sure to have a great day in both Chicago and our galaxy!

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