Where’s Wallace: Bobby’s Bike Hike

We send our friendly concierge, Wallace, all over the city to have fun, seek out the best that Chicago has to offer visitors, and to showcase those things for our guests. Oh, and I get to tag along because I’m the photographer/marketing guy.

Bobby's Bike HikeWe recently did our first bike tour ever in Chicago and we picked a winner. This is one bike tour you’ve just gotta try! Where can you get a unique way to explore one of America’s best cities, a lot of humor, and tons of silly group bonding to boot? Enter Bobby’s Bike Hike on 465 N McClurg Ct near Navy Pier.

We arrived and were easily fitted out with helmets and bikes perfectly suited for each of us. Then it was on to a short and funny safety talk before hitting the road and exploring Chicago!

Bobby’s keeps the group together; you travel in a pack, not unlike Hells Angels. We roamed the streets as one and made plenty of bicycle bell-ringing noise along the way, something I found surprisingly addictive. Wallace and I were dinging our bells approximately 100 times a minute. (For our full gallery of photos, click here.)

The tour guides at Bobby’s really know their stuff. They’re each experts in the routes and topics of the tours whether it’s their Lakefront Neighborhoods Tour; Bikes, Bites, and Brews Tour; or one of their other fun-themed tours taking through the city.

Our tour started downtown in Streeterville and headed up through the Gold Coast neighborhood to the Lincoln Park and Old Town areas – all some great neighborhoods in Chicago, a city known for them.

Along the way you get to stop every couple of minutes. In case you were wondering, THE BIKING IS NOT HARD OR DIFFICULT IN ANY WAY! The distances are very manageable and if you can have two people out of shape like Wallace and me do it without breaking a sweat, then anyone can do it. Our group included a lot of people over 50 too who had no trouble riding along. The tour is simply leisurely.

Our stops included fun “insider stories” about iconic Chicago buildings, locations, and personalities. You see celebrity residences, history, and the more interesting parts of Chicago off the beaten path all on the same neighborhood tour. Along the way we were all laughing and when we’d stop to hear about the area, we’d take a silly photo. It was one of the most enjoyable “Where’s Wallace” visits we’ve had in Chicago and we can’t recommend it enough.

Lincoln Statue, Lincoln ParkAnd if walking is more your thing, Bobby’s now offers walking tours too!

If you’d like something exciting, fun, and yet relaxed in the Windy City, we highly recommend giving Bobby’s Bike Hike a call (312-915-0995).  Wallace was laughing the whole time, shmoozing it up with our fellow riders, and having a blast wearing the bright orange vest he was given.

And if you need any help planning a trip to Chicago or finding other exciting things to do in the city, we freely help people plan fun itineraries. Post a comment, connect with  us on Facebook, or visit us online at rivernorthhotel.com.

– Samuel, Marketing Mgr.

2 Responses to “ Where’s Wallace: Bobby’s Bike Hike ”

Wallace is one of my favorite people not just in Chicago @ Best Western! He promotes and represents the chain very well and we call him our friend!

Thank you! So glad Wallace has been such a great help to you. We love hearing how he’s a great ambassador :).

– Samuel


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