Where’s Wallace – ComedySportz Theatre

“School Lunch,” “Oscar Moment,” “Sing It!,” “Texts from Last Night”. No, these aren’t tracks on the new Justin Bieber album; they’re the names of sketches performed at the hilarious ComedySportz Chicago improv club!

We recently took a trip just north of downtown to Lake View, a short cab ride or trip via public transportation (CTA) from the hotel. Here our guests will find ComedySportz Theatre, at 929 West Belmont Ave. ComedySportz puts on improv shows throughout the week. The hilarity is always there but the format changes depending on the show.

Their “ComedySportz” show pits two teams against each other – one red, one blue – each having 3 actors and refereed by one impartial improv actor. The teams compete in various improv games and the crowd gets to decide who wins based on voting.

If you’ve ever watched “Whose Line Is It Anyway” then you’ll have an idea of what to expect. And you won’t be disappointed! Both Wallace and I were busting up laughing. One of the actors was especially good, and it got to the point where Wallace would start to crack up in anticipation just when the actor looked at the crowd. (See all our photos on our Flickr page.)

ComedySportz Chicago has a variety of different shows, though the one we saw runs Thurs. – Sat. with lots of other shows during the week. Spring and Summer are their busy times so be sure to check their website for an open show that fits your schedule.

Because it’s improv, the comedy is mostly verbal, so young children might have a hard time understanding the jokes. They recommend their regular shows for ages 10 and up. The shows are especially good for middle-schoolers and teens, who seem to get really into it (like during our visit).* But adults may get the most out of them.

It’s got a grown up atmosphere for the most part, and even has a bar section where you can purchase soda, beer, and other adult beverages.

The place is still very family friendly, though, and we highly recommend it! They even have shows for kids ages 3-10 on Saturday mornings. For regular shows, if you’re looking for the cheapest ticket, go to a show early in the week.

I know what you’re thinking: “That’s great but I don’t want to be dragged on stage and humiliated.” No fear! The actors only involve volunteers from the audience and never make you feel uncomfortable. We know from our hour and a half show that this is true.

After the show, you can check out some of the local pizza places nearby. Or go to Cheesies Pub & Grill for some gourmet grilled cheeses.

We can’t recommend ComedySportz highly enough! The shows are clever, funny, unique, and every bit as good as you could hope. Visit ComedySportz on your next trip and tell them we sent you!

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– Sam

*Because it’s improv, it’s unscripted and just comes off the top of the actors’ heads. That makes for great comedy! But it also makes slips of the tongue a possibility. While we did not experience this during our visit, please be aware that it is a possibility at their shows.


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