Where’s Wallace: The Field Bistro

The Field Bistro

Where’s the only restaurant in town that has an uniquely designed sustainable plan and practices? What’s the only eatery to offer its own beer named after a museum attraction? Where can you find salads, soups, sandwiches, burgers, and a different food from around the world each week? The newly-opened The Field Bistro at The Field Museum, of course! (See our full gallery of photos on here.)

Wallace with Tooth and Claw

We had to Instagram the new beer glass!

The first thing you notice at the Bistro is the clean design. Everything has a new, modern, yet earthy feel to it from the light wood floors to the dinosaur claw handle adorning their on-tap and original beer, “Tooth & Claw” (named after The Field Museum‘s famous T-Rex fossil).

The smells are delicious. You’re treated to a variety of foods to suit any museumgoer. We enjoyed burgers and paninis paired with soups but you could also have ready-made salads (or make one just the way you like it), cold sandwiches, fruit, cheeses, cold-cut meats, or their “around the world” dish, which rotates each week to give you a flavor for a different part of the world.

The second thing you’ll eventually take in is their commitment to sustainability. Their stations are clearly marked with items for compost, recycling, etc. Even their napkins and “plasticware” are made from sustainable materials (the plasticware is actually made from potato starch). The museum’s commitment to using resources responsibly shows in this restaurant and complements the rest of the museum by feeling by connecting to the core beliefs of the Field Museum.

The bistro offers all varieties of coffee, they have sweet desserts that were delicious (seriously, so good!), there are three beers on tap, and they serve an assortment of both red and white wines. When possible, their food is local, including the myriad of nonalcoholic drinks for purchase.

And the award for coolest handle goes to: Tooth & Claw!

Wallace and I enjoyed a delicious meal of hot food and soup, samplers of their Tooth & Claw beer, and a couple of desserts that could satisfy any sweet tooth!

Perhaps the best part of the visit was the absolute friendliness of the staff! Wallace quickly made friends with our server, the chef, and even the general manager, which was really no surprise. But they were extremely friendly and took good care of us.

If you’re looking for something a little more kid-centric, try visiting their upcoming “Explorer Café”, located downstairs, which will offer plenty of kid favorites like chicken tenders.

Now with the opening of the Bistro at the end of 2013, there’s a great place to eat right inside the Museum so you can extend your stay and get the most for your museum tickets. (And keep in mind, we sell discounted Field tickets from our Front Desk.)

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