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“Where can we get a good breakfast?” I don’t know how many times I’ve been asked that as a concierge! Guests want a good meal for breakfast , of course. But often what people really mean when asking me is, “Where can I have an experience while getting breakfast in Chicago?” “Where can I go to eat that helps me to experience the city in a typically ‘Chicago’ way?”

There are no shortage of restaurants in Chicago, but if you want a place that answers those questions, you gotta try Lou Mitchell’s Restaurant. Lou Mitchell’s has been a staple in Chicago for 85 years. Celebrities have eaten there, presidents have eaten there, and the Average Joe you pass on the street has eaten there. And last week, I ate there.

This restaurant is known in Chicago as a classic diner and a perfect place to grab breakfast or lunch (Open from 5:30am-3pm Monday-Saturday; 7am-3pm Sunday). I got to speak with a manager at Lou Mitchell’s, Heleen Than, and she described it as “quintessential Americana”. I couldn’t agree more!

The staff is friendly, the pancakes are fluffy, and the omelets are delectable! One thing you’ll notice that makes this place unique is that before you even sit down you’ll be handed food. The host offers you a fresh doughnut hole and a small box of milk duds when you walk in. I don’t know about you, but getting a snack before even looking at the menu is a huge plus in my book!

I ordered a big American breakfast and I wasn’t disappointed. Chicagoans all know Lou Mitchell’s and it’s easy to see why. The patrons of the restaurant are “just awesome people,” explains Heleen. “[Lou Mitchell’s] offers a slice of life!” It’s true. The folks here are a mix of business people, families, young adults, and seniors. And, of course, a concierge enjoying a hearty meal and being wooed by the spunky older waitress (ask me about that story sometime!).

If you’re looking for breakfast downtown, consider this place because it truly is a great representation of Chicago – both in past and present. This classic place with classic tastes won’t disappoint!

– Wallace

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