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Where’s Wallace – “The Tilt” and 360 Chicago


Wallace and I recently got to visit our new friend Christopher Rondeau at one of Chicago’s greatest attractions. Christopher is the Associate Sales Manager at 360 Chicago (formerly John Hancock Observatory). Our visit lasted a little over an hour, but I wish we could have spent half the day there. The first thing you’ll notice […]


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Where’s Wallace: The Field Bistro

The Field Bistro

Where’s the only restaurant in town that has an uniquely designed sustainable plan and practices? What’s the only eatery to offer its own beer named after a museum attraction? Where can you find salads, soups, sandwiches, burgers, and a different food from around the world each week? The newly-opened The Field Bistro at The Field Museum, […]


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Picasso and Chicago


The Art Institute of Chicago‘s new exhibition, “Picasso and Chicago,” opened February 20 and goes through May 12, 2013. This amazing collection of Picasso works showcases more than 250 of his pieces, many of which you won’t see anywhere else. The exhibition displays works from every period of Picasso’s career and in many different formats […]


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Where’s Wallace – Art Institute Pt. 2

Wallace and Seurat

General exhibitions If you’re looking for more at the museum, you won’t be disappointed. The Art Institute of Chicago has vast collections of art, including the largest collection of impressionist paintings outside Paris. Maybe you’d enjoy seeing Tiffany glass or modern art? Maybe you like ancient art from Africa, Asia, or the Americas? Or Roman […]


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Where’s Wallace – Art Institute Chicago Pt. 1

Lichtenstein exhibit Best Western River north

Lichtenstein exhibition My latest concierge visit was to the Art Institute of Chicago for the opening of their newest exhibition, Roy Lichtenstein: A Retrospective. I’d seen these paintings before a lot but I never realized it! You probably have too. Lichtenstein’s work takes its inspiration from popular culture and mass media during Lichtenstein’s life (1923-1997) […]


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Where’s Wallace – ComedySportz Theatre


“School Lunch,” “Oscar Moment,” “Sing It!,” “Texts from Last Night”. No, these aren’t tracks on the new Justin Bieber album; they’re the names of sketches performed at the hilarious ComedySportz Chicago improv club! We recently took a trip just north of downtown to Lake View, a short cab ride or trip via public transportation (CTA) […]


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Where’s Wallace – The Berghoff

Best Western River North Hotel

I grew up in Chicago and, let me tell you, it’s hard to think of a more iconic restaurant that’s been a staple in Chicago as long as The Berghoff has. The bar opened in 1898 and besides a short stint in ‘06, this establishment has been open ever since. As you might guess, it […]


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Where’s Wallace – Lou Mitchell’s

Lou Mitchell restaurant, Best Western River North, Chicago hotel

“Where can we get a good breakfast?” I don’t know how many times I’ve been asked that as a concierge! Guests want a good meal for breakfast , of course. But often what people really mean when asking me is, “Where can I have an experience while getting breakfast in Chicago?” “Where can I go […]


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The Top 11 of 2011!


We’ve had some memorable moments in the past year, from celebrity sightings to the great Blizzard of 2011 in Chicago. But only a few such instances inspired so much awe and were of such grand magnitude that they could make it on our list of the Top 11 Events of 2011 for BEST WESTERN PLUS […]


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Where’s Wallace – Macy’s Magical Store

Wallace at Macy's Chicago

As a kid, I remember going to Marshall Fields on State Street in Chicago and how exciting and enchanting the store was during the holidays.  With this week’s trip to now-Macy’s on State Street, the store is honestly more magical than ever. Greeting you are reds and greens, golds and silvers, and bells and ribbons […]


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